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Towards Raising Competent Medical Practitioners

Masami Bessho. M.D. President
Masami Bessho. M.D. President

In 1972, Saitama Medical University was founded in Moroyama, and has produced thousands of graduates over the past forty years. According to the founding principle of 'raising competent clinical practitioners," our graduates are currently engaged in regional medical services nationwide, as well as being involved with the administration of public medical affairs, and conducting various forms of research.

Entering the 21st century, the initial stage of solidifying the university's foundation has been accomplished, and Saitama Medical University has reaffirmed its resolve to advance forward with a youthful zeal by being a pioneer in the field of medical sciences. Students from all six grades have been immersed in a reformed educational system; our integrated six-year curriculum that was established in 1998.

The statistics support our positive results. For example, the number of applicants taking our entrance examination has been on a steady rise each year, while the results of the National Examination for Physicians has improved to a 100% passing rate among our 2003 graduates.

Concurrent with reforms in our university's educational system, we are channeling our efforts toward streamlining our educational environment by including small-group learning for enhancing thinking and problem-solving, and independent study. We are also implementing a program for nurturing the code of conduct and humanity as physicians, and a student exchange program for attaining an international level of medical expertise in both science and clinical practice.

We hope that every incoming student will grow through their six years of study and clinical experience at this university and become the most competent clinical practitioner, with a lifelong study habit, and a societal perspective to support the health of the people and to meet society's expectations.

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